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   Candex opened its doors in 1977, producing fashion wall units. In 1991, when the market changed, we began a line of mirrored wardrobes.


   In 1997, we saw an opportunity to get into the custom office furniture business and the rest is history as Candex Custom Corp. quickly became an important player in the office furniture industry.


   By mastering its customization program, there is nothing that an office could need, that we cannot provide. 

   The Candex custom program provides a comfortable work environment, satisfying individual custom needs.


   Offering 32 colors, 7 edge profiles and limitless 2-tone and edge treatment, Candex’s office furniture line is unique and like no other to the user.


   Quality is our #1 priority! 

   Candex produces a 3MM edge (bull-nosed on the top and bottom of each panel) resulting in a smooth-feel finish, durable construction that is long-lasting year after year. 

   Customers continually add new pieces to existing ensembles as the quality has endured. 


   Ensuring that we maintain our quality, we use only state-of-the-art, high performance machinery.

   You’ll also be happy to know that we are extremely sensitive to customers’ delivery needs, managing production so that all orders are shipped within a 2-3 week time frame.

   No extra lead time is required for totally custom, 2-tone or edge treatment.

  Candex is environmentally-friendly, proudly boasting that 98% of its wasted is properly recycled.

                         If you can envision it, CANDEX can build it.

      Otherwise let CANDEX help you design and build your next office.

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