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   Components like tops, end panels, etc. can be cut and shaped to your specifications and size, along with your desired edge treatment.


   Custom size changes are at no extra charge. 

   Items that are completely customized are produced along with your standard items. All items in our catalog that are 40", 42", or 43" long or high, may go up to 48" at no extra charge (except for cubicles). 

Shipping (Lead Time)

   All standard and/or custom items ship in 10-21 days. Shipping requires a minimum of 20-30 assorted pieces for delivery. No extra lead time for custom orders.

For large quantities (90 Pieces or more), 7-10 day delivery is available upon request.

Color And Edge Treatment 

   An entire line (over 1,500 items) of laminate office furniture are available in 32 Colors including 2-tone and custom edge treatment at no extra charge. 



   If within 5 years following purchase, any components of any unit manufactured by Candex becomes defective, we will replace those components free of charge. Our guarantee does not include refunds, labor, replacement of furniture or normal wear and tear.

Privacy Policy

   Candex Custom Corp. takes the protection of our customer's personal information very seriously and we respect your right to privacy. You can browse our website without providing any personal information. There are places where we request a small amount of personal information, and its intended to help us direct you to the information you are seeking about our products and policies. We make every effort to ensure that any data collected is accurate, timely and secure.

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